Stone Chips & Scratches

Stone Chips

Those unsightly dents on dark coloured paintwork are repaired using SMART. Paint is mixed to match the car and spray applied with an airbrush into the chip itself. Although not as aesthetically pleasing as a full panel re-spray, it is a cheaper alternative, which reduces the contrast between primer and colour coat whilst providing a degree of protection against the onset of corrosion.  Special paint remover removes excess paint.


Smart technology enables us to repair the damaged paint area. Using our Spies Hecker fan deck system it is possible to select the actual colour shade where a multi-shade coloured panel has been damaged or paintwork has faded as a result of ultraviolet exposure and weathering.
The scratch is sanded and/or filler/primer applied to re-instate the damaged surface to its true level. The area is then re-coloured, clear coated and blended into the adjacent panel area to provide a factory finish every time.